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Showing off your Garmets

A thought:

If you sell top quality garments, you should display them on nice and personalized coat-hangers. Cheap and umpleasant ones simply will not do. John Bassili, of Displays Unlimited, says fixtures and fittings are foundamentally about merchandising — how you deploy the elements in your store determine the streghten of your brand and finally maximize sales. The shopping experience has to have three things for people to purchase, he says. They are convenience, enjoyment and value for money — and fixtures and accessories have a role in them all. Convenience: merchandise has to be accessible otherwise people won’t pick it up — so stores need the right fixtures and fittings. If it’s hard to get products out of displays, or to put them back, people will be too annoyed to look at your stock. Enjoyably: if the customer isn’t having a good time when they shop, they won’t buy. That’s important. Sixty per cent of purchases (by number rather than value) are impulse purchases. So, if someone is in a bad mood, you are missing out on 60 per cent of your sales. Value for money: to buy things, customers must perceive them to be value for money. So it’s important your fixtures and fittings help to give the impression of being value for money; for example, by using presentations that make items look astounding.

Source: Retail Magazine, September 2008 issue

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